How now, brown owl

I know these are everywhere, but I’m still proud that this is the first one I’ve made. Now I’ve made one, the possibilities are endless, I have so many colour combinations running through my head!


He’s a bit cute isn’t he! I’m taking custom orders for these (and all of my products) over at 🙂


A Granny a day keeps the chills away… eventually!

You know those typical crocheted nanna blankets? The ones that adorn the arm of your couch, or your cat’s bed? That your nanna so lovingly SLAVED AWAY on, for you?

Well, that very pattern is aptly named the Granny Square.

I’m officially a ‘Granny A Day’-er. Maybe by next winter both my kids will have their very own blanket!

Four grannies down so far 😉

Squares, granny SQUARES. I love real grannies and would not hurt them.

The Granny A Day challenge is here: A Granny A Day : 2012.

Buttons, buttons, buttons!

I love buttons. I’m only just starting my button collection, but I have big dreams! I plan to get an old school vintage biscuit tin, and full it with the most colourful and pretty buttons I can find. Here are the latest additions to my button collection…


Now to decide where to use them… I am imagining navy blue crocheted hats with the red buttons for boys, or white crocheted beanies with red flowers with button centres!

Ideas, suggestions? Button donations? 😉

Nic 🙂


Yes, twenty-somethings do crochet (the cool ones, anyway)

Hey, I’m Nic and this is my obligatory about me post.

I’m a work-at-home-mum to two mostly beautiful children, a two-year-old boy who shall henceforth be known as Master Hooked and a six-month-old baby girl who we shall call Little Miss Hooked.

Wanna see them? Oh, ok… if you insist!


Little bit cute yes? (I knowwww!)

I have my own web and graphic design business (Jump Online), which I’ve been happily plodding along with since Master was born. Whilst one would think this would keep me busy enough, I had a brain snap one day and Hooked Crocheted Accessories was born.

I taught myself to crochet from a magazine. It was my only hope, my mum and nannas were definitely not woolcraftswomen (*note to self: patent that word). Then when I had my girl-baby, there was no stopping me, it was time to make a headband to match every outfit!

I spent most nights on the couch crocheting anyway, and I would have eventually run out of small humans to gift them to – so I thought hey, let’s start a Facebook page and see if I can get a few orders. Instead I found myself up to my neck in wooly goodness! And it’s been that way ever since 🙂

I have a bazillion ideas of things that I want to make, and I’m glad I started youngish so I can give it a red hot go.

And this? This is my new dumping ground for all things wooly.